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When should I bring my child for their first visit?

Managing your child’s oral health care from an early age sets the stage for great dental health that lasts a lifetime. We generally recommend that you bring your child in around age two when all their baby teeth have emerged. 

It's important to see your child at this age so that we can monitor the development of their teeth and address any issues so they don't become serious in the future. However, the first few visits are meant to help your child get used to our team and the new environment. Our primary goal at this stage is to make sure they feel completely safe and secure with us.

We’ll take the time to introduce your child gradually to all the new sights and sounds of a dental office. During these early visits we’ll show your child that dentistry can be fun – we’ll count their teeth and even let them take a ride in the dental chair.

The idea of your child’s first visit can be a bit overwhelming for both of you. But we assure you that our team always makes it a point to treat children with kindness and respect for their unique needs. Once we know your child is completely comfortable with us, we can start to perform any necessary treatments like exams and cleanings.

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