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Root Canals

For many people, it’s obvious when a root canal is needed. At the very least, they know that something serious is going on with their tooth. Pain or pressure in a particular tooth is one of the most common symptoms of root canal infection. For some, the pain is annoying; for others, it can be excruciating. 

Whatever level of pain you’re experiencing, the problem remains the same. The nerve in your tooth is infected and should be removed. During the procedure, we remove the nerve from the canals inside your tooth, which is why it’s referred to as a “root canal.”

Why Root Canal Are Necessary

Your tooth is covered by a hard, protective layer of dental enamel. When you develop an infection that penetrates the enamel, your tooth will start to decay. If we catch the decay quickly enough, a filling may be all that’s necessary to restore the health of your tooth.

But decay may become so severe that it allows bacteria to enter the soft pulp inside your tooth. Once this happens, it’s critical to remove the infected pulp and nerves to avoid losing the tooth.

This involves thoroughly cleaning the inside of your tooth. Once the inside is very clean, we place a filling inside the tooth to seal it properly. In many cases, we will recommend a crown to help protect the remaining healthy tooth structure. As long as there’s enough healthy tooth remaining, saving a tooth is always better than extracting it.

Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

Most people who need a root canal just want the pain to go away, but there are definitely oral health benefits, too.

Eliminates Toothache Pain

Nerves located inside your teeth are designed to send sensation signals to your brain, like feeling cold and hot temperatures. When a tooth becomes infected, these same nerves send a pain signal to your brain and you get a toothache. Root canal treatment ends this pain since we remove the nerves sending the pain signals.

Preferred Alternative to Tooth Extraction

The purpose of a root canal is to save a tooth. We usually only perform this procedure if a tooth is seriously damaged. Repairing the tooth with a root canal is preferable to losing the tooth completely.

Keeping the tooth allows your jaw and teeth to maintain their proper position. This means your smile and your bite stay the same and you won’t have problems with the way your jaw functions.

Eliminates the Risk of Infection

A tooth that needs a root canal is almost always infected with bacteria. Without treatment, the bacteria can spread into the gums, travel to surrounding teeth, and cause other oral health problems. 

Comfortable, Caring Treatment

For you, the thought of root canal treatment may not be pleasant, but our team performs root canals that are efficient and stress-free. We’re sensitive to your concerns, and are here to do everything we can to make sure you’re comfortable during your procedure.

Root canals are an important treatment needed to eliminate pain and save your tooth. If you think you need a root canal, please contact our North Center dental office as soon as possible. The sooner we can provide treatment, the better the odds are of avoiding tooth loss.